We’re excited to introduce you to our new online registration program called “The Hub”!  This will be our hub for communicating with Chosen Co-op members, registering and paying online, posting events, and more.

If you plan to have your children attend an upcoming semester and have not yet registered in our new program, please do so below.  We’ve added some helpful instructions further down the page.

Please note: As part of the registration process, Chosen admin will receive a notification that you have registered.  We will then need to confirm your registration.  We are doing our best to confirm accounts as soon as possible, but please be patient with us as we are working hard on lots of other areas related to the co-op, too.  After we have confirmed your registration you will receive another email to complete the registration process. Once you have done this, you will be able to access your account online through our new online software program.


Create a New Family Account

Create a Guest Teacher Account (This is for those who will be ONLY teaching and will not have children attending the co-op.  If you will have children attending the co-op, even if you are teaching, too, please use the link above to create a family account.)

IMPORTANT:  After your account has been activated and you are able to login, you will see a message that says, “You have urgent reminders to review, CLICK HERE”.  This will take you to a screen that says, “Begin ACH Payment Setup”.  Our new system will allow you to pay online (Yeah!) and the “Begin ACH Payment Setup” screen is where you set that up.

Step 1: Click on “Create New Family Account.”

Step 2: Complete basic information page including name, address, contact numbers, and emails and then click next at the bottom of the page.
*You may see a couple of fields that don’t pertain to us.  These include “Full Name of Adult Remaining on Campus” and “Umbrella School”.  For now, fill in those fields as you see fit.

Step 3: For each family member, click “Add new record.” Include every member of your family who lives in your home including mom, dad, and all children whether they will be attending classes or not.

(Including all members of your family during registration will be helpful in the future when signing up for events such as park days and other group activities that may be coordinated through Chosen Co-op.)

Make sure all information is accurate. Then click the next button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4: Review family information. If changes need to be made, click the back button at the bottom of the page. Make any necessary changes; then click the “Submit Family Registration” button to create your account. An email will alert the administrators of your family’s registration.

Step 5: The new registration screen will display your account username. Write down your username and keep it in a safe place. (This will be the email address you used to register.)

Step 6: Click on “Next”. Read the information and then click on “Apply Signature to Release and Waiver of Liability.”

Step 7: Review the Release and Waiver of Liability form at the bottom of the page. Make sure all of the information is correct and all participating students are shown on the form.

Step 8: Click the small box stating “I certify all information is accurate on the Release and Waiver of Liability Form.” Then click the “Submit Release and Waiver of Liability” button.

Step 9: Follow the directions on the page to save or print the Release and Waiver of Liability Form.  Then click the “Next” button.

Step 10: Complete the information on the Statement of Faith Signature Form. Then click on the “Apply Signature to Statement of Faith” button.

Step 11: Click the small box stating “I certify all information is accurate on the Statement of Faith.”  Then click the “Submit Statement of Faith” button.

Step 12: Follow instructions to save or print the form for your records. Then close the internet window or tab.

Step 13: You will receive an email titled, “Chosen Homeschool Co-op Account Registration Confirmation”.  Click the link inside to confirm your account. When you have done that, Chosen administrators will receive a notification that you have registered and confirmed your account.  It may take a week or so for us to activate your account.  Once we do, you will receive an email titled “Chosen Homeschool Co-op Account Activation”.  Click the link inside to login to your account.